Easily Capture Vaccine & Testing Status

With OSHA's latest vaccine & testing mandates, you need to implement a simple, yet effective, tool to capture your employees' COVID-19 status. 


goHappy is that solution, and we are here to help. 

We are here to help!

App-Free Vaccine & Testing Tracking

With goHappy, you’ll have access to instant and inclusive COVID-19 vaccine and testing status tracking. Frontline employees can quickly upload their information for you to see in our easy-to-use system. And, because there’s no app required, you can rest assured that every employee will be able to upload their status, regardless of their mobile device.



Secure, Easy & Compliant

Capturing an employee's COVID-19 vaccine and testing status is one thing, but ensuring that information is secure and compliant is another. Whether it's understanding the number of employees who are vaccinated, gathering proof of vaccination, or COVID-19 test results, goHappy has HIPAA & ADA-compliant solutions to help you easily solve those challenges. 


Instant COVID-19 Announcements to Your Frontline Workforce 

There are several ways to communicate information from the C-suite down to frontline workers. For our customers, the most effective and engaging avenue is via text. With open rates of 98%, texting frontline employees instantly puts your messages in their hands. And that applies directly to collecting and communicating information surrounding your vaccine and testing policy updates. 


We Are Here For You

goHappy’s vaccine and testing solutions are everything you need to streamline your vaccination management and ensure you remain compliant with the ever-evolving updates from OSHA. The new vaccine and testing mandate goes into effect in the coming weeks - you can’t afford to wait - let us show you just how easy and effective goHappy can be for your business. 


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