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We invite you to learn more about the goHappy Hub Employee Engagement Model. The white paper describes how the Model measures the engagement level of employees, and provides a framework for aligning the organization and its managers around the actions that will drive higher engagement and bottom-line results.

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"Your Employees’ Engagement is driven by their Employee Experience, which consists of how Valued and Connected they feel. And, as their Leader, you directly impact how Valued and Connected they feel by how well you perform three key Actions: Appreciate, Connect and Coach."

- Greg Moyer, Chief Engagement Leader

Engagement Model

The goHappy Hub Employee Engagement Model

Although our model is relevant for all workers, we designed it specifically for hourly and front-line employees. This is the employee segment in most organizations that has the highest percentage of disengaged workers and, thus, holds the greatest need and potential for improvement.

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Manager-Led Engagement

The goHappy engagement model was designed to help managers focus more of their time on activities that have a direct and measurable impact on engagement. The model includes three sets of actions that when carried out create a positive employee experience: Appreciate, Connect, & Coach.

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Employee Experience

Listed below are the drivers that most contribute to each of those feelings; all of which are largely under the control of the organization and its managers.

  • Valued: I feel appreciated for my efforts, I feel respected for who I am, I feel my opinions count...
  • Connected: I know what’s expected of me, I have a sense of purpose, I feel informed and in-the-know...

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Employee Engagement

Engagement is the emotional connection that results from the employee’s overall workplace experience. In our model, engagement is demonstrated through three behavioral outcomes:

  • Perform: An employee’s performance and readiness to go above and beyond to help the organization succeed;
  • Commit: The employee’s commitment to the job and the organization;
  • Promote: The employee’s pride and intent to promote the organization to others as a good place to work and to do business.

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Employee Engagement Survey

Frontline Employee Engagement Survey: Research-driven, and built for the Frontline, sent out via text, takes 3 minutes or less to complete. Rolled up in clean, actionable, custom reports for you and your team.

  • Research-driven and backed by dozens of studies, our engagement model quantifies just how engaged your employees are.
  • High Response Rate - built for the frontline; 5 minutes or less to take; sent through text.
  • Manager and Organization level feedback. Rolled up in clean, actionable, custom reports for you and your team.

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